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How is WorkforceHire Unique

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We have over 1200+ recruiters network based in US & Canada, team of 100+ sourcing staff and alliances with University & Career Colleges to get Certified consultants onboarded through our ongoing Job Fairs & AI

Data Based Pooling

We have our inbuilt AI algorithm to filter out from 2 billion plus candidate sources using power of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science


Candidates are now moved to level of prescreening on psychographics, and technical rounds

Interview with Client

Coming across Screening & Technical Analysis then we move our candidates to be interviewed with Client for Direct or C2C placement/sponsorship candidates.

Who is Behind WorkForceHire

Awards & Achievements AchievementsFeatures

WorkforceHire is founded by Farid Premani - Who is Guinness World Record Holder for largest number of employment coaching. 4T Author, TEDx Speaker, Innovative Edtech Award Winner, Holds Patent in Developing First Educational Robot. Successfully sold 3companies in past. When he comes to hiring people aiding technology, AI you can expect 4x results

Employement Bridge

between employers and employees, handling the tasks of identifying top talent, vetting candidates, and presenting the top candidates to clients

Quality Placements

In early 2020, 54% of businesses reported a lack of unqualified candidates and it’s estimated that the number of unfilled jobs worldwide will reach more than 85 million by 2030

Interview Process

WorkforceHire will arrange candidate interviews with their clients. This will allow the agency to get a better feel for the candidates and understand good match based on screened filters provided

Negotiation & Offer

When you identify a candidate you’d like to hire, the recruitment agency can work with you to handle offer and compensation negotiations with the candidate. By taking offer negotiations off your plate, the recruiting agency will save you time and ensure the candidate has a primary point-of-contact throughout their experience


Once an offer has been accepted, the agency may assist your company with employee onboarding—an area where only 12% of employees are satisfied with their employers’ efforts.<br /><br />Beyond helping both parties complete the necessary paperwork for employment, the agency will continue to make sure your new hire feels comfortable and excited to join your team!

Cross Checking Candidates

Unfortunately, when you pursue the wrong candidate through the hiring process, the perfect candidate you passed up earlier in the process may already be onboarding with your competitor. <br /><br />Worse yet—you might actually go as far as to hire a dishonest candidate without knowing. In a CareerBuilder survey, employers reported that 33% of bad hires were due to candidates lying about their qualifications.

We work in partnership with all the major companies & direct recruiters

Direct Placement and C2C Recruitment Services offer with Contingency